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Jocelynn’s Quote: “I was born to dance! Dancing isn’t just something I do well but dance is a gift that God has given me. When I dance I am reminded of why God placed me on this earth, which is to motivate, create, love and inspire. Dance has turned into my lifestyle, Jocelynn is dance.”

Synopsis and Inspiration
She was born on December 7, 1989 in the Capitol of the United States of America, District of Columbia. She is a born-again Christian and loves the Lord with all her heart. Jocelynn is a loving, energetic, humbled, free-spirited woman. She has been dancing for 21 years and choreographing for 10 years, and does not plan to stop anytime soon. Jocelynn pulls inspirations from a lot of different forms, but the main one is just hearing from God. She is driven by God to be successful and powerful in her dancing and teaching, God gives her dreams and visions so that her creative juices can flow the way that He wants them to follow. Some of her own personal favorites, where she also draws inspiration from are Sonya Tayeh, Hope Boykin, and Mia Michaels.

When it became real
At the age of 5, Jocelynn started her journey of dancing by joining the Spirit Wings Dance Company in Bowie, Maryland. Jocelynn danced and traveled with Spirit Wings, where she picked up liturgical dancing, until the age of 11 where she abruptly to stop dancing due to medical reasons. She suffered from severe asthma attacks for years. Due to this, she suffered weight gain caused by steroids. At this point, she became frustrated and distraught by the many setbacks that stemmed from her weight gain.
In 2003, Jocelynn transitioned back into dancing, she took up tap with Pure Expressions. While that did not last, in the summer of 2004, Lamika Martin of Evangel Cathedral Dance Ministry took Jocelynn under her wings. Jocelynn was granted her first dance job as a modern instructor assistant. Jocelynn was taught under Lamika until the age of 18, at her dance studio/company, Dynamic Moves. Jocelynn has always studied dance on her own. It was through You Tube videos and watching other dancers, where she fell in love with the dance genres: modern, contemporary/lyrical, hip-hop, African, Jazz and ballet.

Dance Highlights
As she transitioned out of Dynamic Moves, Jocelynn established the Clinton Christian Dance Club during her senior year of high school in 2006. The following year, Jocelynn started to dance with the Prince George’s Community College Dance Club and launched R.I.O.T. (Revival in Our Teens) Dance Ministry at Evangel Cathedral. Jocelynn believed that God spoke to her about starting a youth dance ministry, during at that time in her life so that she can help young men and women become closer to God. This ministry would also help them throughout life, give life lessons, and be a support system as necessary. In addition, they would learn the techniques and styles of dancing while having fun and dancing for God. Jocelynn choreographed a total of seven shows over the course of 6 years, including a benefit concert raising over $5,000 for Haiti.

In 2010, Jocelynn knew that dance was going to become her life. She had the opportunity to choreograph, along with other local choreographers, for the So You Think You Can Dance National Dance Day. Within the same year, she accepted the position a dance teacher at her alma mater, Clinton Christian, she where taught for 2 years. She taught Creative Movement, Modern and Hip-Hop. In 2010, she started choreographing for a local artist, Young Motive. They performed on BET’s 106 & Park Wild & Out Wednesday competition. Although, they did not win, Jocelynn’s says “that was the best 21st birthday present I can have, to be on TV doing what I love on my birthday”. Lastly, in 2010, she started teaching at different daycares and the studio called Dancing for His Glory.
At the present time, Jocelynn still teaches at Dancing for His Glory under the direction of Christine Psalms. She has taught Ballet 1 & 2 and African and still teaches Modern and Hip-Hop. Jocelynn joined VCMI (Victory Christian Ministries International) Waldorf in October of 2014. Now at VCMI, Jocelynn is the Team Lead for the dance ministry.
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